IBM to Ship DB2 Information Integrator

May 15, 2003

[From eWeek ]

IBM will announce general availability of its much-heralded DB2 Information Integrator software on Tuesday, at the same time that Striva Corp. announces that it will extend Information Integrator by enabling it to access mainframe data sources.

The news will be delivered at two forums: the IBM Software Symposium in Munich, Germany, and at the International DB2 Users Group's IDUG 2003 conference, in Las Vegas. The news at IDUG 2003 will be delivered during the opening keynote by Janet Perna, general manager for data management solutions at IBM.

Information Integrator is a central part of the Somers, N.Y., company's master plan for what it calls on-demand computing--the ability to instantly access, integrate, manage and analyze all forms of information, stored on any platform, both within and beyond the enterprise.

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