IBM to Roll Out Database Integration Software

May 16, 2003

[From internetnews]

IBM has come to terms on pricing for its DB2 Information Integrator software and plans to formally launch the product at its IBM Software Symposium next Tuesday.

DB2 Information Integrator software is tailored to help customers integrate information in multiple locations as if it were stored in one location. It is platform-agnostic, allowing business to manage data, text, images, photos, video and audio files that sit in a variety of databases. Products like this one are indicative of the push for integration software by enterprises looking to assimilate disparate software products into one central system.

In one example of how it works, a business can access and integrate relational data in DB2 Universal Database and Oracle, images in Documentum, e-mail in Lotus Notes, spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel and Web Services generated by WebSphere Application Server -- in one query. The resulting data is presented in a consolidated view.

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