.com Solutions Inc. announces FmPro Migration Service

May 20, 2003

[From .com Solutions, Inc]

Fremont, CA - .com Solutions Inc. announces FmPro Migration Service - Including support for FileMaker® Pro to MySQL™, Oracle®, Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase® and and DB2® migrations.

.com Solutions Inc. has enhanced its service offerings to include the fixed-price FmPro Migration Service for FileMaker Pro database migrations. Database migration targets include MySQL, Oracle, Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and DB2. The FmPro Migration Service enables IT Managers to economically migrate valuable data located in FileMaker Pro databases for use throughout their enterprise. Challenging data types such as JPEG images and large text fields are quickly and accurately migrated to corporate database servers by the FmPro Migration Service.

Variety of Output Formats Supported - Output file formats are based upon the appropriate format commonly used for each destination database. Supported databases include:

  • Oracle 8.1.7, 9.2.0
  • MySQL 4.0.12
  • Access 97
  • SQL Server 2000
  • Sybase Sybase 12.5
  • DB2 8.1

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