Gartner Study Shows Worldwide RDBMS Market Declined in 2002

May 21, 2003

[From Gartner, Inc.]

A Gartner study shows the 2002 worldwide relational database management system (RDBMS) market declined 7 percent. IBM was overall market-share leader, and Oracle maintained its lead in the combined Unix, Windows and Linux market.

On 21 May 2003, Gartner announced the results of its study of the DBMS software market in 2002. The study found that the total RDBMS market declined by 7 percent compared with 2001. Three large software vendors, IBM, Oracle and Microsoft, continue to hold most of the market share in three major DBMS software segments (see Table 1). IBM captured the largest market share in the total RDBMS segment while Oracle maintained its lead in market share in the total Windows and Unix RDBMS segment. (Note: In this First Take, Linux revenue is considered part of the Unix market.)

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