IBM, Oracle Wrangle Over RDBMS Manageability Claims

May 27, 2003

[From Enterprise Systems]

If a recent study from a Silicon Valley competitive intelligence firm is to be believed, Oracle Corp.'s 9i database is easier and less costly to administer than IBM Corp.'s DB2 platform with equivalent management workloads.

It could all depend on the meaning of the word "equivalent."

Late last month, Oracle touted the results of a new study that pitted 9i R2 against DB2. The study purported to determine how much time and effort database administrators (DBA) must expend in each environment to complete 12 basic data management tasks. The study, which was conducted by Rauch Associates Inc., a Silicon Valley-based competitive intelligence firm, appeared to validate Oracle's claim that 9i R2 is cheaper and easier to manage than DB2.

For example, the Rauch study found that Oracle 9i R2 required 41 percent fewer administrative steps than DB2 8.1 to complete the same scenarios; that Oracle 9i R2 required 54 percent less time than DB2 to perform equivalent tasks; and that Oracle 9i R2 administrators could complete equivalent management workloads in 55 percent of the time required by DBAs in DB2 environments.

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