MySQL Takes Database Reins from SAP

May 27, 2003

[From internetnews.com]

MySQL AB Tuesday said it has inked a technology and cross-licensing partnership with SAP AG's (Quote, Company Info) database project in a play that can potentially catapult MySQL into the enterprise limelight. MySQL will take commercial ownership of SAP's SAP DB and become a global technology partner of SAP AG.

The deal, for which financial terms were not made public, should make MySQL's products more attractive to large and medium-sized businesses. Sweden's MySQL will rename SAP DB and will offer it under the free software/open source GNU General Public License (GPL), which means the source code be available at no cost for anyone to read, review, enhance and redistribute.

MySQL will also offer a commercial license for SAP DB aimed at companies that do not want to make their products open source-compliant, such as those that plan to resell the database. MySQL and SAP will also work together to build the MySQL open source enterprise database based on MySQL and SAP DB.

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