Book Review: Murach's SQL for SQL Server

June 6, 2003

[From Narayana Vyas Kondreddi]

Are you a VB, Web or Windows developer? Completely new to SQL programming? Look no further! This book is just for you. "Murach's SQL for SQL Server" is a good first book for anyone interested in learning the basics of SQL programming, and becoming a database developer, or probably move into the role of a database administrator (DBA). Unlike some of the popular T-SQL programming books currently available in the market, this book won't present some of those cool tricks and twisted queries. It will help you get your basics of SQL programming right.

This book is divided into the following four sections:

  • Section 1: Introduces you to the terms and concepts of the database world, and shows you how to work with SQL Server using the built-in client tools.
  • Section 2: Shows you how to retrieve data from databases, and how to manipulate data using SQL commands. Also introduces you to different types of joins and query methods.
  • Section 3: Introduces you the database design concepts, and shows you how to design databases, and implement that design by creating databases.
  • Section 4: Concentrates on other aspects of databases like views, stored procedures, functions, triggers, cursors and transactions.

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