Ascential Software and IBM DB2 Cube Views Maximize the Performance of Business Intelligence Solutions

June 11, 2003

[From PR Newswire]

Ascential Software Corporation (Nasdaq: ASCL), the enterprise data integration leader, today announced full support for IBM's new DB2 Cube Views software. The Ascential(TM) Enterprise Integration Suite combines with Cube Views to accelerate the development and lower the total cost of ownership for online analytical processing (OLAP) and business intelligence (BI) applications by making them easier to deploy and manage. This new capability works with DB2 Cube Views' dimensional modeling to provide meta data management of information distributed throughout the enterprise.

Ascential Software has developed a bi-directional MetaBroker interface between MetaStage(R), the meta data management component of the Ascential Enterprise Integration Suite, and DB2 Cube Views. MetaStage provides a clear and consistent view of the data's descriptive information and lineage, including the data being modeled with DB2 Cube Views. MetaStage also extends that visibility and usage tracking out to the BI analytical and reporting tools interacting with DB2 Cube Views. Ascential Software's extensive MetaBroker library now incorporates the powerful OLAP functionality of DB2 Cube Views into MetaStage's ability to provide analysis and management of business definitions and rules for data across the entire business intelligence, data integration and data management infrastructure.

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