Q&A: MySQL CEO Marten Mickos

June 23, 2003

[From internetnews.com]

The database market has been quiet of late, with the exception of a few announcements here and there. But while Big Blue, Oracle and Microsoft are all busy ramping up the next versions of their market-leading 9i, SQL Server and DB2 products, respectively, some companies are working on their own platforms businesses can use to maintain and manage their data.

A young company is making some waves in the industry for its open-source approach to database technology: MySQL. The Sweden-based company has been both welcomed by analysts as the purveyor of a "disruptive technology" in a segment driven by licensed revenues, and has received a shoulder shrug by commercial vendors for its lack of complex feature functionality and scalability.

But there are indications the privately-held firm's stock is rising, at least in the figurative way, as Benchmark Capital has recently led a $19.5 million round of funding for MySQL, quite a boost in a time when investments are scant. The company also recently inked an intriguing deal to take over the development of ERP leader SAP's open-source database, SAP DB. It boasts more feature functionality than MySQL's database.

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