Oracle: The Database Comes First

June 24, 2003

[From Line56.com]

In a keynote entitled, "Spend Less, Know More," delivered at Oracle AppsWorld in London, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison regaled listeners with his vision of IT's past and future.

Ellison believes that most companies have spent years overspending on IT, and wasn't shy to include his own company in the accounting. "We sell databases, and y'all have bought too many of them," Ellison quipped. "The reason you can't find out what's going on in your business is that information is stored in too many databases."

This led directly into Ellison's vision of the immediate future, which he identifies as a consolidation of existing databases. It's something that he says Oracle itself did in the late 90s, before which "we stored information about our customers in hundreds of separate databases." Thus, Ellison says that setting up a global data model and pursuing related consolidation rather than adding in new customer relationship management (CRM) or other applications is the way for enterprises to save money and get the most out of their IT investments.

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