What admins need to consider in advance of Yukon

June 26, 2003

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DALLAS -- At the TechEd conference earlier this month, IT executives picked up a few details about Microsoft's database strategy. First, the company said it would add reporting services for SQL Server 2000; they will appear sometime later this year. And, second, officials said that Microsoft's next-generation database, code-named Yukon, will ship six months later than originally planned. It's now due out in late 2004, and it's probably going to be a few years beyond that before most IT shops consider installing the software. Nonetheless, Stan Sorenson, director of SQL Server product management, offered a few tips for customers interested in knowing how to prepare for Yukon.

What will customers need to do to ease the next generation of SQL Server into their organizations?

Sorenson: The radical nature of change will depend on the environment. Our goal will be to make the upgrade process as painless as possible. When we went from SQL Server 6.5 to 7.0, it was not pain free. Going to SQL Server 2000 from SQL Server 7.0 was ever so slightly less pain free. Our goal will be to have an upgrade that doesn't require a huge amount of rewrite of store procedures. There may be a little rewrite, but the goal is to have it so well documented that the customer will know up front what they will need to do.

We will produce planning guides that will help people go through the process. It's early right now to have them, since we haven't gotten to beta 1 yet; [it's due out this summer].

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