Gartner: No 'White Knight' for PeopleSoft (Yet)

July 11, 2003

[From internetnews.com]

In the wake of Oracle's (Quote, Company Info) $6.3 billion hostile takeover attempt of enterprise applications vendor PeopleSoft (Quote, Company Info), analysts with Gartner are doubtful that a "white knight" will step in with an alternative to Oracle's bid.

The research group said Friday that the current positions of other vendors in the infrastructure and application markets, as well as the flailing economy, dim their chances as potential a "white knight" -- often defined as a friendly acquiring company sought by the target of a hostile bidder.

The findings, published in a research note titled, "'White Knight' Candidates for PeopleSoft," gauge various possibilities in the Oracle/PeopleSoft standoff, but ultimately the analysts decide that a savior is not needed -- for now.

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