Expert offers tips on securing Oracle databases

July 15, 2003

[From Yahoo!News]

The database industry is still "plagued with substandard security," according to Oracle expert and author Don Burleson, who advises database administrators to limit access to their servers as a starting point in securing their systems.

Burleson advises Oracle DBAs to focus on their servers, which are often overlooked, in addition to securing the Oracle DBMS itself.

"This is especially important if your computers are networked together," he said. "If you have an inept Unix (news - web sites) administrator, it's easy to hack in, and there's no holding you back at that point."

Burleson, an independent consultant who heads Kittrell, N.C.-based Burleson Oracle Consulting, has authored a host of Oracle Press textbooks and works with companies to break into systems and discover any security leaks.

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