Oracle to PeopleSoft Customers: We'll Support You

July 18, 2003

[From internetnews.com]

Oracle (Quote, Company Info) Executive Vice President Chuck Phillips placed himself on the hot seat Thursday in the first of what the company said will be series of "town hall" meetings in which PeopleSoft (Quote, Company Info) customers can drill various Oracle executives about its intentions when and if it succeeds in acquiring its enterprise applications rival.

If the inaugural town hall meeting was any indication, the proceedings will be as repetitive as they are brutal and precise, with Phillips fielding myriad questions via e-mail about his company's plans for supporting PeopleSoft products should the purchase clear regulatory opposition and find purchase.

Little new information was unearthed, but the session, propelled by a smattering of prepared and real-time queries, allowed customers to address nuances that have cropped up since Oracle began issuing statements about its intentions last month.

Phillips was asked if Oracle would continue to support PeopleSoft platforms 7, 8 and 9. The answer was "yes" to all, and the executive also pledged enhancements to those products if they are needed, noting that the evolution of the software market often requires frequent product upgrades in order for vendors to keep up with competitors on various arcs of innovation.

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