IBM Advances New Linux Database Clusters To Help Businesses Keep Pace With Growth

July 31, 2003

[From IBM]

Customers can add database capacity on demand across 1,000 clustered server nodes

Somers, NY, July 30, 2003 ... IBM today announced new Linux database clusters to help businesses of any size implement a low cost, high performance data center based on IBM DB2 Universal Database for Linux and the IBM eServer 325 systems that IBM is also introducing this week.

The new IBM DB2 Integrated Cluster Environment (DB2 ICE) scales 125 times higher than the competition -- offering the power, availability and capacity of as many as 1,000 server nodes, dwarfing the eight-node-maximum clusters offered by other vendors. A business running an 1,000-node cluster on can manage 16 exabytes of information -- eight times more information than the world produced in 1999.

The simplicity of the technology enables growing businesses to slash the time it takes to deploy clusters to keep pace with, and stay ahead of, their growth. For example, customers can deploy nodes at a rate of four an hour, and fully implement a 40-node configuration in less than two days.

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