Oracle 10G Geared for the Grid

August 4, 2003

[From eWeek]

Oracle Corp. is putting the finishing touches on an upgrade to its flagship database that is designed for use on computer grids, giving users higher levels of scalability and management, according to early beta testers.

Oracle 10G, which will be unveiled at OracleWorld in San Francisco Sept. 7, sets the style for computing that will eventually incorporate diverse data elements--including everything from e-mail to mobile devices and enterprise applications--that are distributed across a grid of interconnected servers. Early grid-computing components in the update include integrated messaging, heightened scalability and speed, and self-storage management capabilities.

At the virtual center of this universe is the database, enabling organizations to share the unused processing power of computers and databases over the Internet. In addition, it will enable users to push, pull and transact information from a grid, using it to alert people, form messages, engage in workflow or crunch algorithms. To that end, beta testers of the software said the database will ship with elements that will make it easier to deploy across grids, such as improved XML handling, enhanced Web services APIs and 8-exabyte file support.

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