DBAs strive for code of ethics

August 21, 2003

[From SearchDatabase.com]

Database administrators, placed charge of the integrity and security of some of the most vital information kept by large organizations, have only recently begun discussing professional ethics, according to Richard Hackathorn, president of IT consulting firm Bolder Technology, Inc.

"I've always had the thought that if you have a pure attitude, and are applying a bit of heart, then you were doing the right thing," said Hackathorn, an author, columnist and data warehouse expert who spoke to a small group of DBAs at The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) 2003 conference being held in Boston this week.

It was the first time that TDWI broached the subject of ethics at its conferences, according to Hackathorn. Conference organizers are discussing whether to turn the popular 45- minute evening seminar into a half-day or day long course option in the future.

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