Creating JDBC SQL Statements. Displaying Records from a MySQL Database

September 10, 2003

[From Stardeveloper.com]

In this tutorial following topics will be covered:

  • What are JDBC SQL Statements?
  • What are different types of JDBC SQL Statements?
  • How to create and execute JDBC SQL Statements?
  • Basics of creating databases and tables in MySQL.
  • How to display records from a table in MySQL?

In the previous articles we learned that we obtain a java.sql.Connection object which represents a database connection from java.sql.DriverManager class. We learned that to properly connect to a database we need to have a properly installed JDBC driver, and we did that by installing Connector/J JDBC driver for MySQL. We also learned that after loading JDBC driver we have to correctly specify a database URL to DriverManager to obtain a connection.

We'll now move on to learn how to create and execute JDBC SQL Statements.

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