Storage Providers Collaborate with Oracle to Simplify Grid Storage Management

September 11, 2003

[From Oracle Corp.]

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Sep. 10, 2003 - (http://www.oracle.com/tellmemore/?2290953) Oracle Corp., (NASDAQ: ORCL) the world's largest enterprise software company, today announced that leading storage providers are working with Oracle to simplify storage management for customers and offer support for the new Oracle(r) Database 10g. Partners including EMC, HP, Hitachi, Network Appliance and XIOtech are working with Oracle on compatibility testing and best practices documentation to ensure interoperability between Oracle Database 10g and their grid storage management systems.

Industry collaboration around grid computing will ease the management of grid technology for customers. For example, Oracle and its storage partners plan to identify opportunities to further enhance the benefits of storage management features built into Oracle Database 10g such as Automatic Storage Management (ASM). ASM will simplify the management of the Oracle Database 10g for storage, thereby allowing DBAs and storage administrators to become more productive by relieving them of manual storage administration and provisioning tasks.

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