Oracle's Linux roadmap: Standardize on 'unbreakable' Linux distros

September 11, 2003

[From Yahoo! News]

SAN FRANCISCO -- Oracle laid out its Linux (news - web sites) road map in a session Wednesday at OracleWorld, and the key destinations are Oracle, Red Hat or SuSE Linux, all running on Intel servers. Even with a magnifying glass, however, you won't find homegrown versions of Linux on that map.

Businesses should standardize on Oracle, Linux and Intel to "get ready for the grid," Oracle Linux Program Office vice president Dave Dargo advised those attending the Linux road map session. His message fit with the show's emphasis on grid computing, in which many low-cost servers and other components act and are managed as one computer, and Oracle's launch of Oracle 10g.

In his briefing, Dargo described the advantages of grid computing, the adoption arc of Linux and Oracle's plans for developing Linux technologies. He also explained why Oracle won't be supporting many Linux distributions, particularly those businesses have built themselves.

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