Oracle's Dr. DBA: Run, Not Walk, to Oracle Enterprise Manager

September 12, 2003

[From PR Newswire Association ]

ORACLEWORLD, SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Oracle's Ken Jacobs, "Dr. DBA," gave OracleWorld attendees welcome news today -- that their systems will be incredibly easy to install, clone and manage with Oracle 10g, and especially so within enterprise grids.

Jacobs spoke to a wealth of new features in Oracle's software management environment -- Oracle Enterprise Manager -- that will help DBAs and system administrators become "more productive, more thoughtful and more valuable" to their organizations.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g is designed to easily manage entire enterprise grids and their underlying software -- the Oracle Database and Application Server. According to Jacobs, Oracle's management console helps DBAs and system administrators manage their systems "end-to-end." They will be able to monitor service levels, performance, automate tasks, do backup and recovery, among other things, in a unified way and across groups of computers, or grids.

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