Oracle Eyes Linux on iSeries

October 9, 2003

[From iSeries Network]

October 08, 2003 - When it comes to Oracle and the iSeries, you'd think that never the twain shall meet. The iSeries, after all, comes with its own venerable DB2/400 database, and IBM's DB2 UDB continues to slug it out with Oracle in the wider enterprise IT arena.

However, on September 10, with no fanfare, a notice quietly appeared on Oracle's Web site that reveals plans for its Oracle 9i database and Linux on the iSeries. There's very little info, but the relevant page (at http://www.oracle.com/start/ibm/powerlinux/intro.html) states that Oracle is constructing a Developer's Release of Oracle 9i R2 Database for Power/Linux capable of running on Linux for iSeries and pSeries servers.

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