Extending .NET Beyond Relational Databases

October 14, 2003

[From 15Seconds.com]

Microsoft .NET is rapidly becoming the platform of choice for implementing enterprise-class applications from reusable components. As an early Visual Studio .NET user, I have been able to appreciate Microsoft's consistent effort to provide a new stack of services and components in the .NET framework, built to support today's need for multi-tier programming environments and architected to seamlessly integrate with XML. The result is a robust platform for building scalable applications.

Although ADO.NET is a major evolution of ADO that now provides native access to XML and support for in-memory database, it does not natively support access to business objects. However, I discovered that the ADO.NET data provider from Matisse Software is capable of natively manipulating objects.

This article describes my experience in migrating a life science application from a relational design to Matisse - A Post-Relational SQL database - that provides an innovative ADO.NET data provider.

The article also introduces the Matisse database (http://www.matisse.com/) and its native ADO.NET data provider. It compares two situations: developing a complex application, first using ADO.NET with a relational database, and then using Matisse. Furthermore, the article discusses the limits of the current ADO.NET feature set and presents a very viable alternative with Matisse.

The article continues at http://www.15seconds.com/issue/031013.htm