Managing SQL in Visual Studio .NET

October 16, 2003

[From developer.com]

SQL is an important part of modern programming. Whether you are building a Web application, a client-server Windows application, or an enterprise solution encompassing Windows, the Web, and distributed components such as XML Web Services or .NET Remoting, you are probably using a database.

Microsoft has done a great job incorporating tools into Visual Studio .NET, but due to the finite amount of screen real estate, some really great features are tucked away and easy to overlook. This article points out one of these great features, the SQL designing tools, built right into Visual Studio .NET. After you read this article, you will know how to visually design relationships, filter SQL statements, edit SQL code, and run your queries right in the Visual Studio .NET IDE.

The article continues at http://www.developer.com/db/article.php/3092741