Oracle and Corel to Provide Open Standard Content Solutions

October 20, 2003

[From Corel Corp.]

Ottawa, Canada - October 20, 2003 - Corel Corporation today announced that it has teamed with Oracle Corp. (NASDAQ: ORCL) to build and deliver a complete solution to enable the creation, storage and delivery of XML content and SVG Smart Graphic applications. Demonstrated in the Oracle booth at Oracle World Paris this week, the solution integrates the powerful Oracle® Database 10g with Corel's award-winning XML tools, Corel® XMetaL® and Corel® Smart Graphics Studio.

Corel XMetaL and Corel Smart Graphics Studio work together with the XML DB functionality in Oracle Database 10g to provide intelligent user interfaces for rich structured documents such as product documentation, financial reports, technical manuals and government legislation and regulation. Oracle's XML DB offers deep and comprehensive support for XML, a preferred format for enterprise data and content. Together with Oracle Database 10g, Corel's technologies simplify the integration of open-standard text and graphics into an enterprise publishing workflow. Corel's applications hide the complexity of open standards code from the intended end users, whether they are writers using XMetaL to create XML-based content or application developers using Corel Smart Graphics Studio to build SVG-based Smart Graphics applications.

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