Red Gate releases much faster SQL Compare 3

October 22, 2003

[From Red Gate Software Limited]

CAMBRIDGE, U.K., 22 October 2003 - Red Gate Software today released SQL Compare 3, a total rewrite of its popular $195 program that makes it simple to compare and synchronize SQL Server database structures.

Benchmark tests and beta trials from customers show that SQL Compare 3 is as much as 100 times faster than its predecessor. Running on a 727-MHz Pentium III laptop with 512 MB of RAM, SQL Compare 3 compared two databases with 60 complex tables and other objects in less than two seconds. The new software created a synchronization script with full transactional logic in less than half a second.

Increased speed is also evident when generating a database-synching script and running it. SQL Compare 3 uses custom code that can retrieve information and create scripts orders of magnitude faster than the SQL-DMO code used in earlier releases. The new software also rebuilds tables only when strictly necessary, reducing the size of scripts and increasing running speed.

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