OmniView 2.0: Work With SQL Server Data Without SQL

October 22, 2003

[From Krell Software, Inc.]

Krell Software has released OmniView v2.0, a data editing and querying tool for Microsoft SQL Server 7/2000 that greatly simplifies data manipulation tasks for anyone working with SQL Server databases.

Not just another visual query tool, OmniView is a feature-rich data manipulation application which makes working with SQL Server database content quick and easy for a wide range of user skill levels. Database administrators and developers can examine and change data more rapidly and conveniently with OmniView than with the native tools provided with SQL Server. But other types of users often need to work directly with database content as well, including project managers, quality assurance teams, technical support staff, trainers--and sometimes even customers. Often these users are not as proficient with the more developer-centric SQL Server tools, but OmniView allows them to be more productive and lessens the workload on DBAs to support them.

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