Oracle's Dr. DBA: Management Made Easy

October 23, 2003

[From Oracle Corp.]

ORACLEWORLD, PARIS, Oct. 23, 2003 - (http://www.oracle.com/tellmemore/?2500254) Oracle's Ken Jacobs, "Dr. DBA," gave OracleWorld attendees welcome news today -- that their systems will be incredibly easy to install and manage with Oracle 10g, and especially so within enterprise grids.

Jacobs spoke to a wealth of new features in Oracle's software in Oracle10g that will help DBAs and system administrators become "more productive, more thoughtful and more valuable" to their organizations.

Oracle has completely enhanced its information management capabilities within Oracle 10g Database and Application Server, and enhanced its management tool, Oracle Enterprise Manager. "I've got three words to describe the very important advances in the new Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g," Jacobs said. "It's aware of its own environment, it's proactive and it's intelligent."

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