IBM Refreshes Mobile DB2 for Users on the Move

November 11, 2003

[From internetnews.com]

IBM (Quote, Chart) Tuesday unveiled new database software that extends corporate data to handheld computing devices at a time when employees using mobile devices such as smart phones and PDAs must experience little or no drop in their access to business information.

Analyst group IDC expects the number of U.S. mobile professionals and mobile data collectors to balloon to 26.9 million in 2004. That's why Armonk, N.Y.'s IBM has tweaked the latest version of its DB2 Everyplace software (version 8) to make it easier and faster for developers to tailor applications such as e-mail and instant messaging for smaller devices.

The new software, which comes a week and a half after IBM announced major Express upgrades for SMBs, is now fully automated and provides federated access and synchronization capabilities to employees across their enterprise, which is the goal of the company's "pervasive computing" strategy.

Mobile databases software is basically a scaled down version of a company's flagship database. In true database software fashion, DB2 Everyplace gives mobile workers the ability to query, retrieve and modify information in real-time from different applications and data sources. But it does so not only in IBM's DB2 platform, but also in Microsoft SQL, Oracle and Sybase database environments.

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