Quick and Dirty RDBMS Tuning

November 14, 2003

[From ONLamp.com]

Oracle tuning. Informix tuning. DB2 tuning. PostgreSQL tuning. It does not matter which database you use. RDBMS tuning is all pretty much the same because database software is pretty much the same these days. All major relational database systems have an engine, an optimizer, and a SQL interpreter. They all run over an OS, provide an applications interface to the RDBMS, and have their own backup utilities. If one does not have a feature yet, it soon will. Features in one product soon show up in the others if they prove valuable in the market.

You'd like to tune your database, but don't have much time. The point of this article is to find quick and effective results not the optimum effect. Application design is not covered in detail. Here is how to tune with the least effort.

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