Best Practices in Data Archiving

November 14, 2003

[From Datamation]

Databases usually have two things in common. They have grown far larger than envisioned by their creators and they are filled with unneeded data. Many companies, therefore, are seeking to pare them down to the essentials and archive little used content. But what should you archive, how should you do it and what best practices apply.

"Data is growing at 125 percent a year yet up to 80 percent of this data remains inactive in production systems where it cripples performance," sad Charlie Garry, senior program director at Meta Group. "To compound this problem, many enterprises are in the midst of compliance initiatives that require the retention of more data for longer periods of time, as well as consolidation projects that results in significant data growth."

This article highlights the approach taken by one company to improve Oracle performance by implementing archiving technology and policy, while at the same copying with the rigors of global compliance issues.

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