SQL Web Bench v1.0

November 17, 2003

[From SqlJunkies]

SQL WebBench is a stand alone browser based application that demonstrates Native SQL Web Services in Microsoft® SQL Server™ "Yukon" Beta 1. SQL Web Bench allows for HTTP SOAP endpoint manipulation and the ability to invoke remote SQL web services right from your browser via a WSDL XSL transform. SQL Web Bench demonstrates and exposes the raw SOAP that is sent and received from the server.

Section 1: What is Sql Web Bench?
Sql Web Bench is a web based application that demonstrates HTTP SOAP endpoint manipulation and the ability to invoke remote webmethods. Sql Web Bench enables users to create, alter and drop endpoints without having to know the syntax to perform this task. The user only needs to enter the values of the parameters they need to manipulate the endpoint Data Definition Language (DDL) and click on the appropriate buttons to execute the DDL. The same is true for webmethods associated with the endpoints. The DDL interface for the webmethods is similar to that of the endpoints.

This application allows the user to invoke the webmethods exposed at an endpoint. It also allows a user to write sql queries.

Execution of all the statements in this application are performed using SOAP requests. The responses are received in the form of SOAP responses.

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