LogiXML Announces lgxReportDev Now Supports MySQL

November 25, 2003

[From LogiXML]

LogiXML today announced that lgxReportDev now supports the world's most popular open source database, MySQL.

As applications have moved to the web so has reporting. Web reporting offers its own set of challenges and lgxReportDev has been designed to meet those challenges using the latest technologies like .NET, XML, and ED (Elemental Development). LgxReportDev allows companies to quickly and easily publish rich dynamic online reports with one complete reporting system. LgxReportDev is comprised of two pieces: lgxReportDev Studio and lgxReportDev Server.

With the support for MySQL users will be able to:

  • See their database tables within lgxReportDev
  • Create SQL commands by using query builder
  • Create table joins
  • Copy, paste, and modify your query within the lgxReportDev studio environment

The article continues at http://www.logixml.com/products/ReportDev/reportDev.htm