FlexTracer 1.6 is released

December 3, 2003

[From codeXPloit Software]

FlexTracer is a powerful and flexible tracer of SQL-queries for several RDBMS and functions exported by DLLs. FlexTracer presents the history log containing all invoked operations, their results, parameters and execution times. Currently it supports Oracle (OCI), MS SQLServer DB-Lib, MySQL, Interbase/Firebird, ODBC, file I/O and registry read/write operations. Log can be saved in HTML, CSV or TXT formats for further analyse.

Just run FlexTracer and you will get all the information you need.

  • FlexTracer:
    • Is a very time-effective tool for application development and debugging
    • Allows technical support engineers and database administrators to find problems without help from developers
    • Gives evaluation of your application performance in real time in order to identify possible problem areas
  • FlexTracer allows you to visualize:
    • SQL-queries (preparing and execution)
    • Input (in) and output (out) parameters for SQL-queries
    • Notifications on commit and rollback of transactions
  • With FlexTracer you can:
    • Save the monitoring results into log as a text file for further processing
    • Customize a layout of the log by choosing different events
    • Highlight the statements containing a specified text pattern

System requirements:
FlexTracer requires Windows NT-based operating system such as Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It requires also about 1.3 megabytes of disk space.

Price and Availability:
FlexTracer is a shareware, its trial version is available at http://www.codexploit.com. A single-user license for FlexTracer costs US $29.95 and may be purchased online at codeXPloit's site. Registered users get all the future updates absolutely free.

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