MySQL 4.1.1 (Alpha) available

December 4, 2003

[From MySQL AB]

The latest version of MySQL Alpha was released on December 1. This release includes added and changed functionality and bug fixes.

Functionality added or changed:

  • Added IGNORE option for DELETE statement.
  • The MySQL source distribution now also includes the MySQL Internals Manual 'internals.texi'.
  • Added mysql_set_server_option() C API client function to allow multiple statement handling in the server to be enabled or disabled.
  • The mysql_next_result() C API function now returns -1 if there are no more result sets.
  • Renamed CLIENT_MULTI_QUERIES connect option flag to CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS. To allow for a transition period, the old option will continue to be recognized for a while.
  • Require DEFAULT before table and database default character set. This enables us to use ALTER TABLE table_name ... CHARACTER SET=... to change the character set for all CHAR, VARCHAR, and TEXT columns in a table.
  • Added MATCH ... AGAINST( ... WITH QUERY EXPANSION) and the ft_query_expansion_limit server variable.

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