Oracle 10g's the Cat's Meow, Says the IOUG

December 24, 2003

[From eWeek]

Movers and shakers at the International Oracle Users Group took a shine to 10g, including its new automated tuning features and a 5-hour install described as "thrilling."

Whether it's company flaks, the media or users, everybody's talking about the forthcoming 10g products from Oracle. With Oracle Application Server 10g already out and Oracle Database 10g on the threshold of release, I turned to the International Oracle Users Group to get an update on what early users like and don't like in the new products.

For her part, IOUG President Kim Floss, a database expert who works in the food manufacturing industry, is a self-described tuning nut and is looking forward to diving into 10g's automated SQL tuning. "[Tuning is] a personal passion of mine," she said. "Any new tools and features Oracle comes out with to make my job easier, I'm excited to get out and play with."

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