Caching Oracle Data for ASP.NET Applications

December 30, 2003

[From 15 Seconds]

How ASP.NET developers can improve application performance by caching data stored in the Oracle database and keep the cached data always in sync with the data in the Oracle database.

For building scalable and high-performance Web based applications, ASP.NET provides a feature called data caching. Data caching enables programmatic storing of frequently accessed data objects in memory. This feature can be extended to vastly improve performance for ASP.NET applications that query data stored in an Oracle database. This article describes a strategy for caching Oracle database data in ASP.NET Web applications deployed using a Web Farm environment. This technique enables caching of frequently accessed Oracle database data in memory rather than making frequent database calls to retrieve the data. This helps to avoid unnecessary roundtrips to the Oracle database server. Further the article proposes an implementation for maintaining the cached data so it is always in sync with the corresponding data in the Oracle database.

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