Oracle wants to control the grid with 10g

January 2, 2004

[From Express Computer]

Grid Computing is a revolutionary concept that has the potential to change many computing paradigms, but till date, it has largely attracted academic interest alone. However, the entry of Oracle into this space with Oracle 10g could spark off corporate interest in Grid Computing and forever change the way we look at enterprise computing itself, say Srikanth R P and Rahul Neel Mani

While the concept of Grid Computing is all about strength in numbers and applying this idea to tap the huge unutilised power of networked PCs, in reality, this concept has not taken off as expected. But the coming of Oracle 10g could change the way Grid Computing is looked at today--from being a tool of interest to the scientific community to a vital enterprise application. The enterprise applications major is positioning Oracle 10g as an infrastructure software comprising of a database, application server, enterprise manager and developer software.

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