Jaron Corporation Portable SP tool & migrator

January 8, 2004

[From Jaron Corporation]

Jaron PS-SQL™ has solved a major technological limitation, principally, the inability of RDBMSs procedural languages to port from one host system to another. Jaron PS-SQL™ can be ported to all the major RDBM database server stored procedure languages(PL/SQL,T-SQL, DB2-SPL) with support for their native commands and statements. The behavior of a PS-SQL stored procedure on one system will be the same on another system. So that a stored procedure can be created, coded and debugged on one system without concern for how the procedure will behave on another system. Not only are stored procedures portable but table schemas, constraints and indexes.

The Jaron Portable Stored Procedure(Jaron PS-SQL Designer ™ ) is a graphical tool designed to help with the development of portable stored procedures that ports across major database platforms. It provides all the functions required to create or fix-up/maintain migrated T-SQL procedures, debug, control access and deploy portable stored procedures. The Jaron PS-SQL ™ provides a single development environment that supports all the major RDBMS database systems. With the Jaron PS-SQL ™ development environment you can focus your energy on the logics of your stored procedure or application solution, resulting in a stored procedure or collection of procedures which can be hosted on all the major database systems, such as, DB2, ORACLE and MS SQL SERVER. The collection of procedures and the dependent collection of database schema will be ported to the hosting database system by Jaron PS-SQL.

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