Embedded Database is suited for building telematics devices

January 22, 2004

[From IndustrialNewsRoom]

Encirq announces the Encirq 3e Telematics Edition

First Embedded Data Management System for building Telematics Devices

SAN FRANCISCO - January 21, 2004 - Encirq Corporation announced today that it has released the Encirq 3e Telematics Edition. The Encirq 3e Telematics Edition is the first embedded data management solution that enables telematics device developers to rapidly create a broad range of applications specifically for telematics devices. The Encirq 3e Telematics Edition has 80% of the core data management functionality already developed and tested, so developers can cut months out of their development schedule gaining time-to-market, reducing costs and increasing system reliability and data integrity.

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