SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Deliver the Data

January 27, 2004

[From Microsoft Corp.]

REDMOND, Wash., Jan. 27, 2004 -- Companies using data warehouse and business intelligence technology often confront a problem similar to that experienced by daily newspapers: the editors and writers can develop the best paper in town, but everything is lost when the newspaper carrier misses the driveway. In the case of business intelligence, companies have terabytes of data on hand but struggle to get that information out to managers and employees in a timely way in easily readable reports.

Fortunately, Microsoft has come up with a better paper carrier.

Microsoft's new SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services officially launched today. Enterprises using the beta version say they are now better able to deliver critical business intelligence faster, more efficiently and more conveniently to users while also lowering overall costs. As a result, users are able to make more insightful decisions in a more timely way, companies report.

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