IBM linking database upgrade to Eclipse

January 29, 2004

[From InfoWorld]

IBM next week will offer early versions of plug-ins for the upcoming Stinger release of IBM DB2 Universal Database, which would link the database to the Eclipse open source toolkit.

Set for release at the EclipseCon conference in Anaheim, California, IBM's free plug-ins focus on Java development for Stinger, which is due to ship this year. The plug-ins will be made available in a DB2 Stinger technology preview.

The plug-ins will allow developers to work with DB2 objects such as tables, indexes and views from within the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment), said Les King, senior manager for DB2 solution development at IBM. Developers will be able to work with various types of data such as XML (Extensible Markup Language), SQL and DDL (Data Definition Language). The plug-ins provide visual tools and wizards to more easily manage DB2 schema operations and to govern application behavior.

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