It *Should* Be This Easy

February 9, 2004

[From SitePoint]

When it comes to databases, sometimes we simply have to work with what we've got and hope it will get better at some point in the future. For example, sometimes you may find yourself able to use only Microsoft Access. Now, Access was not designed to power web sites. It works okay for small web sites, but it quickly becomes unmanageable, in a few ways:

When the Access database is accessed via the website it is locked, making it virtually impossible to overwrite if you need to upload changes to the database.[*]If users are interacting with your site you'll have to make sure you don't lose any data when you make structural changes to the database. This means making the changes on your development machine, downloading the current version from your website, and combing through the database to make sure you've added and modified all the right columns and tables, then making sure the data holds up, then breaking the lock on the Access file (usually by changing the DSN), then uploading the new database... (Yes, it's messy.)[*]An Access database is far more limited in the number of concurrent users it can support and once it reaches a certain size you'll see some serious performance issues.

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