iAnywhere releases free version of M-Business Anywhere Developer Edition

February 17, 2004

iAnywhere Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY), today announced the release of M-Business Anywhere Developer Edition. M-Business Anywhere Developer Edition is a free release, that enables developers to deliver Web-based content and applications to PDAs with minimal recoding. In addition, the new integration with SQL Anywhere Studio, allows developers to create data-driven Web-based mobile applications.

M-Business Anywhere and SQL Anywhere provide support for both wireless and offline 'sync and go' connectivity via an always available architecture. In today's wireless environment, this capability is essential to counter-act the cost, bandwidth, signal availability and quality issues, allowing users the access to the information they need, when they need it.

M-Business Anywhere provides a platform that serves web-based content and applications to mobile devices, eg. pocket pc, Palm, etc.--with little or no recoding. This is a boon to web developers, allowing them to use their existing skill sets, including DHTML, HTML 4.01, and XHTML 1.0, as well as open standards to enable always available wireless and sync access to web-based resources.

The integration of these two products, M-Business Anywhere and SQL Anywhere, allows a developer to write a web-based application that will run offline and be able to access a local database on the device. In addition, these apps will run across platforms, pull data out of a database, query, sort, interact, make changes and save to a local database--and with a wireless connection, update the main database.

M-Business Anywhere Developer Edition and the latest version of SQL Anywhere Studio Developer Edition may be downloaded from www.ianywhere.com/mbusiness_de. The download of M-Business Anywhere is fully featured; it does anything the full version does, with no time limit. The only restriction is that it can only be used for development purposes, not for deployment.

About iAnywhere

iAnywhere is the worldwide market leader in mobile databases and mobile middleware. More than 12,000 customers and 1,000 embedded database partners rely on its SQL Anywhere. technology and mobile enterprise solutions. In addition, its AvantGo. mobile Internet service has more than ten million registered subscribers. iAnywhere is a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY), and its mobile technology plays an important role in the Sybase. Unwired Enterprise initiative to unlock and deliver enterprise information anytime, anywhere. Visit www.ianywhere.com for more information.