SQL tool for database scripting updated

February 18, 2004

[From Apex SQL Tools]

Apex SQL Script, a SQL tool for database scripting, has been updated to support all SQL datatypes (image, text, etc) except SQL variant and the SQL script generation engine is now exponentially faster. Apex SQL Script is used to script SQL data into insert scripts that can be archived, versioned, emailed or run against another database.

New Features:

  • Tremendous performance improvements especially on large tables
  • Support for all sql datatypes (including Text, Image, sql_variant etc)
  • Ability to append where clause to Table/Views via interface
  • Table / View aliases so you can script one table/view to a different table/view
  • Column level scripting - this feature allows you to pick and choose what columns you want to include in the script
  • Table/View level row limits. Now you have the option to limit the number of rows to script on an individual Table / View level
  • Allows you to suppress All Constraints and/or Triggers prior to running scripts

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