Optimizing Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services: Optimization Tools: The Storage Design Wizard

February 19, 2004

[From SQL-Server-Performance.Com ]

This is the first article of the series, Optimizing MSSQL Server Analysis Services. The primary focus of this series will be the introduction of optimization tools and concepts for MSSQL Server Analysis Services ("MSAS"). The series is designed to provide hands-on application of the fundamentals of MSAS optimization from multiple perspectives.

As we progress through the series, we may reference previous articles and the concepts we have introduced therein. However, one of my objectives is to make each article as "standalone" as possible, meaning that we should not encounter cases where we cannot complete a given procedure without components or objects that we have created in previous articles. This should make it easier for "casual" visitors to join us with any lesson, and still successfully complete that session, given an existing understanding of concepts and principles that we have accumulated up to that point.

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