Easier Oracle Development and Administration with OraTool pro 2.0

March 1, 2004

[From OraTool pro ]

Softwareentwicklung Jens Fudickar in conjunction with it's distribution partner, MAXdbt, today announced the release of OraTool pro 2.0, an administration and development tool for Oracle databases, with immediate availability. New features in version 2.0 of OraTool include an easier and more powerful look and feel, enhanced sorting and grouping, a new and improved SQL Editor, and an improved data export and import. Oracle database administrators and developers will be able to take advantage of the (greatly) improved Query-Window and the Execution Plan components. OraTool pro 2.0 provides Oracle database administration, pl/sql editing, data viewing and pro-active monitoring to help ensure corporate date? and availability! A special editor facilitates the handling of data base jobs.

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