Yukon beta-tester says slower is better

March 2, 2004

[From SearchDatabase.com]

A sleek interface and newly automated features will make Yukon easier for database administrators to use than prior SQL Server version, according to Randy Dyess, author of "Transact-SQL Language Reference Guide" and founder of the Web site www.database-security.info. Dyess, who is testing a beta version of Yukon, spoke recently to SearchDatabase.com about why the new release is slower--but better--than the last.

As a Yukon beta user, which features have you found to be exciting?
Randy Dyess: Security has become more of a focus with this version. They have given the DBA the ability to tie in the SQL Server password with the Windows password policies. It gives the DBA a little more control in creating passwords in the database. I also like that they have separated the database schema from database users. In the past, a database table or stored procedure was owned by a database user. The best practices today say we should have the database owner on everything. In the future, we can create a schema and place all the objects in there. I don't have to know who they are, but I can control all the objects. This is important because it allows me to contain my objects a little better according to my applications.

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