Microsoft Stance May Not Help Oracle Vs. DoJ

March 9, 2004

[From internetnews.com]

If Oracle (Quote, Chart) wants help from Microsoft (Quote, Chart) as part of its bid to buy PeopleSoft, then the company may be stuck with wishful thinking.

Microsoft has offered the U.S. Department of Justice a sworn statement that would say it has no such plans to enter the same business market as Oracle within the next two years, according to a Reuters report, which cited attorneys familiar with the case.

Such a deposition could be a big blow to Redwood Shores, Calif.-based Oracle, and could help the government's bid to block Oracle's bid to buy PeopleSoft for $9.4 billion.

Oracle is trying to prove that it's hostile play for Pleasanton, Calif.-based PeopleSoft (Quote, Chart) is not anticompetitive, as the has DoJ decided. Oracle is faced with the task of convincing the DoJ that the applications market for large businesses includes more than just the big three of German giant SAP (Quote, Chart), Oracle and PeopleSoft.

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