Application Development: SQL Server "Yukon" and CLR integration

March 17, 2004

[From Builder.com]

If you're a Microsoft programmer, you have probably invested quite a lot in the transition from Windows NT/SQL Server 7 to Windows 2000/SQL Server 2000. The transition to Longhorn/Yukon is going to require a similar investment. Enhancements to SQL Server (Yukon) will include more complex reporting services and better handling of XML/XSL. The big new feature is integration with the .NET Framework.

A lot of us like to think of Yukon as "SQL Server .NET."

In Yukon, one of the most bragged about features is the ability to embed .NET code in SQL. There are already all kinds of procedural code features in SQL, but integration with the .NET Framework will, in theory, allow for even more powerful code features like the ability...

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